Banana Island Sierra Leone

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Banana Island offers a wide and diverse range of activities. For the nature lover the guided walking tours of the lush forest are not to be missed. The main focus is drawn to the water element with superb snorkeling, boating, sport fishing, scuba diving and water skiing. Swimming and lying on the beach is well appreciated by the less adventurous. There are two beaches on the Banana Island: Banjoko beach is more secluded and offers excellent snorkeling while big sand beach is more popular and offers sports like beach volley and other games. The historical tours offered by Daltons Banana Guesthouse are not to be missed as they offer a glimpse of the history of the island while looking through the landmarks and monuments of the colonial times and reveal the dark role of Banana Island at slavery times.

Sport fishing. Some of the best in west Africa

Swiming and snorkeling

Relax and enjoy the scenery is a main activity on the island

Historical sites can be explored in guided tours.